The S-IC

The S-IC on display at the Kennedy Space Center is painted to resemble S-IC-6, or the Apollo 11 first stage. It is actually S-IC-T. There are a few differences between it and production flight stages, these are listed in the photo descriptions. One curious feature is two sets of two pipes emerging from Positions 2 and 4 on the aft heatshield. I have information that these pipes were present on S-IC-1 and 2 (Apollo 4 and 6) but have no photo documentation to back it up.
The S-IC-T is the All Systems Test Stage, serial No. 101. It was built to flight specifications , with modifications to allow static test firings of its F-1 engines. It was the first S-IC built and was fired for the first time on April 16, 1965 for 6.5 seconds. Through its life, it was fired for a total of 965.28 seconds. It was not originally equipped with engine fairings or fins, these were installed later after it was put on display.

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The Forward Skirt

(There is not much visible due to the yellow support device attached to the end of the stage)

The Systems Tunnel

The Aft end of the S-IC

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