Saturn V Operational Flight History
With Vehicle Variation Notes

SA-501: Apollo 4

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-1, S-II-1, S-IVB-501, S-IU-501

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-017 (Block 1), LTA-10R (Lunar Module Test Article)

Vehicle Liftoff: 07:00:01 AM, November 9, 1967, Pad 39A ML #1


Mission type: A (Unmanned, testing launch vehicle and CM heatshield)

Flight Duration: 8 hours, 36 minutes, 59 seconds

Comments: First flight of the Saturn V, first "All-Up" testing flight demonstrated capabilities of launch vehicle and CM heatshield at lunar reentry velocities.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-502: Apollo 6

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-2, S-II-2, S-IVB-502, S-IU-502

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CM-020, SM-014 (SM-020 destroyed by tank explosion), LTA-2R

Vehicle Liftoff: 07:00:01 AM April 4, 1968, Pad 39A ML #2

Crew: Unmanned

Mission type:A (unmanned orbital test)

Flight Duration: 10 hours, 22 minutes, 59 seconds

Comments: Last unmanned Saturn V flight. Severe Pogo effect on this flight caused partial failure of Spacecraft LM Adapter, Pogo solution was to inject Helium into the propellant valves to dampen fuel motion. Problems with J-2 engines on S-II and S-IVB due to vibrations in flexible sections of fuel feed lines causing failure. SPS engine on Service Module used to send CSM on a trajectory which simulated Lunar reentry speeds (S-IVB would not restart after orbit insertion)

Vehicle variation notes

SA-503: Apollo 8

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-3, S-II-3, S-IVB-503N, S-IU-503

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-103, LTA-B

Liftoff: 07:51:00 AM December 21, 1968, Pad 39A ML #1

Crew: Frank Borman CDR, Jim Lovell CMP, Bill Anders PLT

Mission type: C'(C-Prime, combination of C and D mission objectives)

Flight Duration: 6 days, 3 hours, 0 minutes, 02 seconds

Comments: First manned Saturn V mission and first manned circumlunar mission.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-504: Apollo 9

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-4, S-II-4, S-IVB-504,S-IU-504

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-104 (Gumdrop), LM-3 (Spider)

Liftoff: 11:00:00 AM March 3, 1969, Pad 39A MLP #2

Crew: Jim McDivitt CDR, Dave Scott CMP, Rusty Schweickart LMP

Mission type: D (Earth Orbital CSM/LM testing)

Flight Duration: 10 days, 1 hour, 54 seconds

Comments: All lunar landing hardware tested on this mission, LM given a thorough shakedown testing all systems.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-505: Apollo 10

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-5,S-II-5, S-IVB-505, S-IU-505

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-106 (Charlie Brown)/LM-4 (Snoopy)

Vehicle Liftoff: 12:49:00 PM May 18, 1969, Pad 39B ML #3

Crew: Tom Stafford (CDR), John Young (CMP), Gene Cernan (LMP)

Mission type: F (Manned Lunar Orbit test with LM)

Flight Duration: 8 days, 0 hours, 3 minutes, 23 seconds

Comments: Tested LM down to 50,000 feet above the lunar surface, abort modes tested

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-506: Apollo 11

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-6, S-II-6, S-IVB-506, S-IU-506

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-107 (Columbia), LM-5 (Eagle)

Vehicle Liftoff: 09:32:00 AM July 16, 1969, Pad 39A ML #1

Crew: Neil Armstrong (CDR), Mike Collins (CMP), Buzz Aldrin (LMP)

Mission type: G (Basic manned lunar landing flight with EASEP experiments

Flight Duration: 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes, 35 seconds

Comments: First manned landing on the moon, 46 pounds of sample retrieved during 2.5 hour EVA. Duration of Lunar visit: 21.6 hours.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-507: Apollo 12

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-7, S-II-7, S-IVB-507, S-IU-507

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-108 (Yankee Clipper), LM-6 (Intrepid)

Liftoff: 11:22:00 AM November 14, 1969, Pad 39A ML #2

Crew: Pete Conrad (CDR), Dick Gordon (CMP), Al Bean (LMP)

Mission type: H (Manned lunar exploration with ALSEP package)

Flight Duration: 10 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes, 25 seconds

Comments: Saturn V struck by lightning soon after liftoff, knocks spacecraft systems out temporarily. Once in orbit all systems check out as unaffected. EVA's totaling almost 8 hours with 75 pounds of lunar material collected. The Surveyor 3 lander was examined and samples retrieved.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-508: Apollo 13

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-8, S-II-8, S-IVB-508, S-IU-508

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-109 (Odyssey), LM-7 (Aquarius)

Vehicle Liftoff: 14:13:00 PM April 11, 1970, Pad 39A ML #3

Crew: Jim Lovell (CDR), Ken Mattingly (CMP)**, Fred Haise (LMP)

Mission type: H (Manned Lunar exploration with ALSEP)

Flight Duration: 5 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes, 41 seconds

Comments: Normal launch except for a shutdown of the center J-2 engine on the S-II. Explosion of an oxygen tank while enroute to the moon cripples the CSM, the LM is used as a lifeboat and returns the crew to earth.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-509: Apollo 14

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-9, S-II-9, S-IVB-509, S-IU-509

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-110 (Kitty Hawk), LM-8 (Antares)

Vehicle Liftoff: 16:03:00 PM January 31, 1971, Pad 39A ML #2

Crew: Alan Shepard (CDR), Stu Roosa (CMP), Ed Mitchell (LMP)

Mission type: H (manned lunar exploration with ALSEP)

Flight Duration: 9 days, 0 hours, 57 seconds

Comments: Two EVA's totaling 9.1 hours with 94 pounds of lunar material collected. Total surface stay: 33.5 hours.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-510: Apollo 15

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-10, S-II-10, S-IVB-510, S-IU-510

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-112 (Endeavour)/LM-10 (Falcon)

Vehicle Liftoff: 08:34:00 AM July 26, 1971, Pad 39A ML #3

Crew: Dave Scott (CDR), Al Worden (CMP), Jim Irwin (LMP)

Mission type: J (Advanced manned lunar landing with use of Lunar Rover Vehicle and ALSEP)

Flight Duration: 12 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes, 53 seconds

Comments: First flight to use Lunar Rover (LRV), total distance traveled: 17 miles, 169 pounds of lunar material collected during 3 EVA's totaling 18.5 hours.

Vehicle variation notes:

SA-511: Apollo 16

Launch vehicle serial numbers: S-IC-11, S-II-11, S-IVB-511, S-IU-511

Spacecraft serial numbers: Apollo CSM-113 (Casper)/LM-11 (Orion)

Vehicle Liftoff: 12:54:00 PM April 16, 1972, Pad 39A MLP #3

Crew: John Young (CDR), Tom Mattingly (CMP), Charlie Duke (LMP)

Mission type: J (Advanced lunar landing with LRV, ALSEP and UV camera)

Flight Duration: 11 days, 1 hour, 51 minutes, 05 seconds

Comments: Lunar Rover expeditions travel 16.7 miles over three EVA's totaling 20.2 hours with 213 pounds of Lunar material collected.

Vehicle variation notes:

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