The Crawler-Transporter

The Crawler-Transporter

If there is one piece of equipment that has remained virtually unchanged in the last thirty years, it is the Crawler-Transporters. They have hauled Saturn V's, Saturn IB's and now the Space Shuttle out to the launch pad.

Diagrams courtesy of David Weeks

Crawler-Transporter #1

I recently was able to visit Crawler #1, parked behind MLP#2 near the VAB. I was primarily there to photograph the MLP, but was able to get a few shots of the crawler. You can see several of the huge mufflers underneath it, these are at least 10 feet long! Try calling Midas for one of those.

Although these are photos of the crawler as it appears today, few details have changed. I will have photos of it from the '60s later in the summer.

Thanks to Lisa and Tina of NASA PAO for arranging my visit.

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